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Frontpage Class

Provides a special kind of class for the frontpage or any other page but specially made for a frontpage look, as shown in the demo.

You can enable it for only your Home page, duplicating the template style and assigning it only to the Home menu.


Once the Style is applied, within the Blog Layout you can apply 1 Leading Article and 3 Intro Articles, it will look like this:

If you have it assigned to the rest of the menus and the FrontPage Class is not enabled in the home page, this is how it will look like:

As you can see the Intro Image of each article won’t resize each of them.

Hover image effect

Any Intro image that has alternative description and caption added will change style to show the image information.

For images inside the articles you will need to add the Alternative Text and a Caption:

This will let the image look like this while being hovered:

If the image is within the article you can just add the “caption” class to your image, plus a caption and alt text.

Newsflash module (author and date only)


There is a new layout for Keenly when you create a Newsflash module:

This new layout will show the latest articles, but it will be only the Title of the article, author and date of being published.

Single Article special style with image

Keenly options comes with a special style to make the image and the article to overlap, according to your images’ sizes.

This is a Single Article setting that will add a margin to the image, this is how a normal article will look like when the value is 0:

If you change the setting the image and the article will start to merge together, looking like this:

For this complete look, don’t forget to add a sidebar (sidebar1 or sidebar2) with some modules, so the image will keep that edge on the sidebar.

Total-Menu, Total-Menu-Inner positions

Keenly menu offers 2 new exclusive positions, both of them will exist within a toolbar that only shows when click on it:


As you can see the right side is the Total-Menu position and each submenu shows up within the Total-Menu-Inner position, but you can also add any module by itself within the Total-Menu-Inner position like the “Buy this template now” you see on the right side.